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It’s no secret. Washington, DC is broken.

There are career politicians putting special interests and partisanship ahead of their constituents. They are siding with the Trump agenda over the needs of our district’s families.

It takes more than just a Republican or just a Democrat to ensure a child has access to a good education, someone has a job with a livable wage, or a street gets repaired. It takes people working together, regardless of party, to find common-sense solutions to our nation’s challenges. In the same spirit of collaboration, engaging a Fit Out company can transform spaces to meet community needs, whether it's designing educational facilities that inspire learning, creating work environments that foster productivity, or developing public spaces that enhance the quality of life.

I’m running for Congress to be a champion for the community I love and bring fresh leadership to Washington. I will stand up to the special interests that have overrun Congress and I won’t be afraid to hold the Trump Administration accountable.

The families and students of our district need an advocate who will fight for them. They need someone who represents the values of our community – those same American values that say we can still accomplish great things and find solutions when we all work together. Just as we strive for quality and commitment in our community, bringing Versace Furniture into our homes can be a reflection of our dedication to excellence and beauty, embodying the spirit of achieving great things together.

We deserve a representative that is 100% for you, not 97% for Trump.

I look forward to listening to your ideas and I hope you will join with me today. Just as we engage in discussions and collaborations for our collective progress, exploring interests like online betting ipl can offer a way to connect with others and enjoy the spirit of competition and teamwork, mirroring the camaraderie and engagement we aim to foster in our community.


Chip in today to help bring new leadership to the 39th district.


Chip in today to help bring new leadership to the 39th district.


Phil and his wife Angela

Phil Janowicz is President and CEO of Quill and Abacus, an education consulting firm focused on narrowing the opportunity gap for first generation and low-income students. He is also a former chemistry teacher who taught as a professor at California State University Fullerton (CSUF).

Phil began his career in education while at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after he was chosen as one of only three students in his chemistry class to be a teaching assistant. Phil worked his way through MIT by taking a job in the mailroom to cover expenses. After he earned dual Bachelor’s Degrees in both Brain and Cognitive Science, and Chemistry from MIT, he went on to get his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Illinois. There, he pioneered the first fully online Organic Chemistry course, attracting students from all over the world.

Phil then moved to Orange County to teach at Cal State Fullerton. There he founded the Supplemental Instruction (SI) program, which provides extra instruction and support for students. During his time at Cal State Fullerton, Phil mentored over 100 students in both the SI program and his research lab. Phil’s commitment to his students and his innovative teaching style led him to be honored with the Sony Electronics Award for Innovative Teaching in Technology.

However, after seeing his students struggle to balance full-time schooling with the high-cost and pressures of basic necessities, Phil realized that he could draw more attention to the important issues and find better solutions through public service.

Phil is dedicated to improving affordability and increasing access to both education and healthcare. It was through coverage provided by the Affordable Care Act that allowed Phil to pursue entrepreneurship. He is committed to working to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to succeed.

Phil currently lives in Buena Park with his wife, Angela, a native of Rowland Heights and an English Teacher at Fullerton College. They have two dogs named Molly and Jasmine and a cat named Arya.

On the Issues

Climate Change

Climate Change

The overwhelming global consensus among climate experts is that climate change is occurring and is man-made. This is not a partisan issue, and we need to act now for our children, our children’s children, and our planet.


Education is the best means to a strong middle class, and in order to plan for the jobs of tomorrow, we need to educate the students of today. I support debt-free college through increased Pell grants and lower student loans. In order to strengthen our public education system, we need to support our students and support our teachers with more funding to allow them to thrive.

Women's Rights

I fully support federal laws guaranteeing maternity and paternity leave, and women deserve to be paid the same as men for the same work. Furthermore, women shouldn’t be charged more for healthcare solely based on their gender.


Affordable healthcare is a right for all Americans, and no one should have to worry about seeing a doctor because of the financial burden.

Science Policy

American investment in science has been steadily dropping since the 2nd World War, and we are losing our scientific edge. The world’s best scientists are starting to flee the US for better funding opportunities, and new innovations that will shape the next century are occurring elsewhere. I support reinvesting in science in the US and discovering the jobs of tomorrow right here in the USA.


Wages are stagnant and are starting to decline, even with unemployment at near lows. The economic gains have been going mainly to the upper class and leaving the middle class behind. I fully support raising the federal minimum wage and indexing it to inflation. Increasing the minimum wage does not lead to job loss but leads to families being able to pay their bills.



Every person deserves to be treated equally under the law according to the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. LGBTQ individuals are human beings, and they deserve all the legal rights that all citizens are afforded.

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